Pittsburgh International Airport Bets on Fracking to Help Reverse Years of Declining Revenue

Sep 9, 2014

Pittsburgh International Airport is hoping fracking can help reverse years of declining revenue. Photo credit: Ty Wright/Bloomberg

Over the past year, we’ve covered Pennsylvania a lot on Free Enterprise. So when we saw that the U.S. Chamber Blog recently did a story on the Keystone State, we were especially interested. 

Pennsylvania has undertaken a number of diverse initiatives aimed at fueling economic growth, with cities like Pittsburgh reinventing themselves so they can better compete in the digital and knowledge-based economy, and oil and gas companies increasingly using fracking technology to tap into the state’s vast natural gas deposits.

In yet another display of its all-encompassing approach to creating jobs, officials at Pittsburgh International Airport recently announced that they plan on reversing years of declining revenue by opening fracking wells on airport-owned land. To learn more about the unique way Pennsylvania is driving its economy forward—and  trust us, it’s definitely worth learning more about—check out Sean Hackbarth’s recent post on the story over at the U.S. Chamber Blog.

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